Art Journal Fall 2015

Art Journal Fall 2015

Volume 74, Issue 3
Journal: Art Journal

The Fall 2015 issue of Art Journal

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Alternative Space Movement 2.0: An Editor's Note | Rewilding: An Emerging History of Common Field | Convening Common Field | A Working Daigram of the Visual Arts Organizing Field | Movement Building for Beginners | Critical Reckonings: Global Art and Art History after the West and Eurocentrism | Barbarians at the Gates: Contemporary Art and Globalization in Asia | Iranian or Not: DisLocations of Contemporary Art and Its Histories | Illuminating Pictures: Readings on Word + Image

Pages: 88
Publisher: College Art Association
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The mission of Art Journal, founded in 1941, is to provide a forum for scholarship and visual exploration in the visual arts; to be a unique voice in the field as a peer-reviewed, professionally mediated forum for the arts; to operate in the spaces between commercial publishing, academic presses, and artist presses; to be pedagogically useful by making links between theoretical issues and their use in teaching at the college and university levels; to explore relationships among diverse forms of art practice and production, as well as among art making, art history, visual studies, theory, and criticism; to give voice and publication opportunity to artists, art historians, and other writers in the arts; to be responsive to issues of the moment in the arts, both nationally and globally; to focus on topics related to twentieth- and twenty-first-century concerns; to promote dialogue and debate. The journal, which welcomes submissions from authors and artists worldwide and at every career stage, is published four times a year in spring, summer, autumn, and winter by the College Art Association.