Art Journal 2007

Art Journal 2007

The mission of Art Journal, founded in 1941, is to provide a forum for scholarship and visual exploration in the visual arts; to be a unique voice in the field as a peer-reviewed, professionally mediated forum for the arts; to operate in the spaces between commercial publishing, academic presses, and artist presses; to be pedagogically useful by making links between theoretical issues and their use in teaching at the college and university levels; to explore relationships among diverse forms of art practice and production, as well as among art making, art history, visual studies, theory, and criticism; to give voice and publication opportunity to artists, art historians, and other writers in the arts; to be responsive to issues of the moment in the arts, both nationally and globally; to focus on topics related to twentieth- and twenty-first-century concerns; to promote dialogue and debate. The journal, which welcomes submissions from authors and artists worldwide and at every career stage, is published four times a year in spring, summer, autumn, and winter by the College Art Association.

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Art Journal Spring 2007

The Exquisite and Urgent Importance of Art| Words of Art: The Puzzling Work of Matthew Gehring| Visions, Valves, and Vestiges: The Curdled Victories of the Bienal de La Habana| Once More … with Feeling: Reenactment in Contemporary Art and Culture| Publishing Art: Alternative Distribution in Print| Re-member the Audience: Adrian Piper's Mythic Being Advertisements| Trueblack| Colab Takes a Piece, History Takes It Back: Collectivity and New York Alternative Spaces| Slop Art co-laborers Adriane Herman and Brian Reeves, with Rent-an-Art- Historian's Chris Thompson, PhD Special Corporate Self-Aggrandizement Section| Interview with Seth Price| Excerpts from Title Variable| Emerging Issues in Contemporary Design: A Roundtable| 555-1171: Cover for Art Journal by Sarah Oppenheimer| Reviews

Art Journal Summer 2007

Crossing Memory's Green Line—Contemporary Art in Beirut| Out of History: Postwar Art in Beirut| Dangerous Gifts: Lamia Joreige's Objects of War| Objects of War| Place at Last| Mining War: Fragments from a Conversation Already Passed| The War Works: Videos under Siege, Online and in the Aftermath, Again| Ritualizing Life: Videos of Jalal Toufic| Minor Art: Conceptual Posters and Book Covers| Curating Beirut: A Conversation on the Politics of Representation| Reviews

Art Journal Fall 2007

Contingency and Engagement| Like TV: On Barbara Kruger's Twelve| Be Here (and There) Now: The Spatial Dynamics of Screen-Reliant Installation Art| The Look of Law| Radio LAPD: 70 Years of Public Work| Jeff Cain's Radio LAPD: Police as Content Providers in the Digital Age| Pictures from Nowhere: Three Moments| Telescopes, Transparency, and Torture: Trevor Paglen and the Politics of Exposure| The Disappearing/Reappearing Prison| Captivity, By Turns: A Comment on the Work of Ashley Hunt| After Hiroshima Mon Amour| Remade in Silence: Silvia Kolbowski's A Film Will Be Shown without the Sound| The Return to the Origin: Heidegger's Journey to Greece| German Photographs (1724–2005): Heidegger| Autonomy, Agonism, and Activist Art: An Interview with Grant Kester| Reviews

Art Journal Winter 2007

Microblindness and Blindsight| Blink: The Viewer as Blind Man in Installation Art| What. Comes. After.: An Introduction to Lin + Lam's Unidentified Vietnam| Unidentified Vietnam| Affect and Spectatorial Agency: Viewing Institutional Critique in the 1970s| Game Face: Douglas Huebler and the Voiding of Photographic Portraiture| Archival Obsessions: Arnold Dreyblatt's Memory Work| The Movement of Vulnerability: Images of Falling and September 11| Reviews