The Art Bulletin 2014

The Art Bulletin 2014

The Art Bulletin publishes leading scholarship in the English language in all aspects of art history as practiced in the academy, museums, and other institutions. From its founding in 1913, the journal has published, through rigorous peer review, scholarly articles and critical reviews of the highest quality in all areas and periods of the history of art. Articles take a variety of methodological approaches, from the historical to the theoretical. In its mission as a journal of record, The Art Bulletin fosters an intensive engagement with intellectual developments and debates in contemporary art-historical practice. It is published four times a year: in March, June, September, and December. The Art Bulletin is published in print and online and is available as a benefit of membership in CAA.

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Art Bulletin March 2014

The Art Bulletin's Next Century | Whither Art History? | Michelangelo in Love: Decoding the Children's Bacchanal | Map as Tapestry: Science and Art in Pedro Teixeira's 1656 Representation of Madrid | The Fragrance of the Divine: Ottoman Incense Burners and Their Context | Paris as Periphery: Vicente do Rego Monteiro and Brazil's Discrepant Cosmopolitanism | Reviews...Centennial Reeview Essay...Knowing Nature: Art and Science in Philadelphia, 1740-1840... How a Revolutionary Art Became Official Culture: Murals, Museums, and the Mexican State; Adriana Zavala, Becoming Modern, Becoming Tradition: Women, Gender, and Representation in Mexican Art; Shelley E. Garrigan, Collecting Mexico: Museums, Monuments, and the Creation of National Identity...Illusions in Motion: Media Archaeology of the Moving Panorama and Related Spectacles; Laura U. Marks, Enfoldment and Infinity: An Islamic Genealogy of New Media Art

Art Bulletin June 2014

Whither Art History in a Globalizing World | Casts, Imprints, and the Deathliness of Things: Artifacts at the Edge |Colonial Frames, “Native” Claims: The Jaipur Economic and Industrial Museum | Modern Architecture for Dramatic Art: Frank Lloyd Wright's “New Theatre,” 1931–2009 | Reviews: Engaging Ancient Maya Sculpture at Piedras Negras, Guatemala...Ambitious Forms: Giambologna, Ammanati, and Danti in Florence...Visible Empire: Botanical Expeditions and Visual Culture in the Hispanic Enlightenment

Art Bulletin September 2014

Geography, Art Theory, and New Perspectives for an Inclusive Art History| Jan van Eyck, Canon Joris van der Paele, and the Art of Commemoration| Recognitions: Theme and Metatheme in Hans Burgkmair the Elder’s Santa Croce in Gerusalemme of 1504| Watteau, Reverie, and Selfhood| A Distant Contemporary: Indian Twentieth-Century Art in the Festival of India| Reviews

Art Bulletin December 2014

A Global Perspective on Eighteenth-Century Chinese Art and Visual Culture| The Motya Youth: Apollo Karneios, Art, and Tyranny in the Greek West| Old Plates, New Impressions: Local Landscape Prints in Seventeenth-Century Antwerp| The Emptiness behind the Mask: The Second Rococo in Painting in Austria and Hungary| Ad Reinhardt: Mystic or Materialist, Priest or Proletarian?| Reviews