The Art Bulletin 2009

The Art Bulletin 2009

The Art Bulletin publishes leading scholarship in the English language in all aspects of art history as practiced in the academy, museums, and other institutions. From its founding in 1913, the journal has published, through rigorous peer review, scholarly articles and critical reviews of the highest quality in all areas and periods of the history of art. Articles take a variety of methodological approaches, from the historical to the theoretical. In its mission as a journal of record, The Art Bulletin fosters an intensive engagement with intellectual developments and debates in contemporary art-historical practice. It is published four times a year: in March, June, September, and December. The Art Bulletin is published in print and online and is available as a benefit of membership in CAA.

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Art Bulletin June 2009

Burgkmair's Peoples of Africa and India (1508) and the Origins of Ethnography in Print| G. B. Tiepolo at Valmarana: Gender Ideology in a Patrician Villa of the Settecento| G. B. Tiepolo at Valmarana: Gender Ideology in a Patrician Villa of the Settecento| Taeuber, Arp, and the Politics of Cross-Stitch| Reviews

Art Bulletin September 2009

Destruction and Memory on the Athenian Acropolis| Simulating the Hippodrome: The Performance of Power in Kiev's St. Sophia| Rubens and the Northern Past: The Michielsen Triptych and the Thresholds of Modernity| Nature and the Ideal in Khnopff's Avec Verhaeren: Un Ange and Art, or the Caresses| Caricature and the New Negro in the Work of Archibald Motley Jr. and Palmer Hayden| Reviews

Art Bulletin December 2009

"Their Cortés and Our Cortés”: Spanish Colonialism and Aztec Representation| Imaging Childhood in Eighteenth-Century France: Greuze's Little Girl with a Dog| Art History and the Politics of Empire: Rethinking the Vienna School| Selling the Artist: Advertising, Art, and Audience in Nineteenth-Century Shanghai| The Sound of Light: Reflections on Art History in the Visual Culture of Hip-Hop| Reviews| Index to Volume XCI, 2009