The Art Bulletin 2007

The Art Bulletin 2007

The Art Bulletin publishes leading scholarship in the English language in all aspects of art history as practiced in the academy, museums, and other institutions. From its founding in 1913, the journal has published, through rigorous peer review, scholarly articles and critical reviews of the highest quality in all areas and periods of the history of art. Articles take a variety of methodological approaches, from the historical to the theoretical. In its mission as a journal of record, The Art Bulletin fosters an intensive engagement with intellectual developments and debates in contemporary art-historical practice. It is published four times a year: in March, June, September, and December. The Art Bulletin is published in print and online and is available as a benefit of membership in CAA.

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Art Bulletin March 2007

The Melancholy Art| Response: Epithalamium| Response: The Dark Side of Art History| Response: The Far in the Near| Response: Reasons to Be Cheerful| Interventions: The Author Replies| Self-Promotion in Adélaïde Labille-Guiard's 1785 Self-Portrait with Two Students| Delécluze's Response to Delacroix's Scenes from the Massacres at Chios (1824)| Historicism and the Symbolic Imagination in Nazarene Art| Ineffable Paths: Mapping Wutaishan in Qing Dynasty China|The World in the Ground Glass: Transformations in P. H. Emerson's Photography| Exhibition Review| Book Reviews| Books Received: July–September 2006|

Art Bulletin June 2007

Giotto's Circumspection| Localizing Sacredness, Difference, and Yachacuscamcani in a Colonial Andean Painting| Realist Quandaries: Posing Professional and Proprietary Models in the 1860s| Picturing Listening in the Late Nineteenth Century| Mural Gambits: Mexican Muralism in the United States and the “Portable” Fresco| Envisioning Abstraction: The Simultaneity of Robert Delaunay's First Disk| Hard Hats and Art Strikes: Robert Morris in 1970| Book Reviews| U.S. and Canadian Dissertations, 2006| Books Received: (September–December 2006)

Art Bulletin September 2007

The Mediating Work of Art| Response: Shifting Biographies, Shifting Temporalities| Response: “Picture Idea” and its Cultural Dynamics in Northern Song China| Response: The Mottled Discourse of Chinese Studies| Response: Trapped: A Northern Song Painting| Response: How Is the Past in the Present?| The Author Replies| The Inka Married the Earth: Integrated Outcrops and the Making of Place| Visualizing Appearance and Disappearance: On Caravaggio's London Supper at Emmaus| Naive Impressions from Nature: Millet's Readings, from Montaigne to Charlotte Brontë| Orient oder Rom? Qajar “Aryan” Architecture and Strzygowski's Art History| Book Reviews| Books Received: (January–March 2007)| Addendum: U.S. and Canadian Dissertations, 2006

Art Bulletin December 2007

Walking on Water: Cosmic Floors in Antiquity and the Middle Ages| The Body at the Funeral: Imagery and Commemoration at Notre-Dame, Paris, about 1304–18| Quality, Demand, and the Pressures of Reputation: Rethinking Perugino| Men at Work in Dutch Art, or Keeping One's Nose to the Grindstone| By the Light of Providence: The Glory Altarpiece at St. Paul's Chapel, New York City| “Miss La La's” Teeth: Reflections on Degas and “Race”| Parsifal/Druidess: Unfolding a Lithographic Metamorphosis by Odilon Redon| A New England Lament: Charles Sheeler and Paul Strand in the 1940s| Book Reviews| Books Received: (April–June 2007)| Index to Volume LXXXIX, 2007